4 facial yoga techniques to lift and smooth

4 facial yoga techniques to lift and smooth

Here are four facial yoga techniques to lift and smooth.

The Forehead Smoother

Begin by pressing your shoulders down and extending one arm upward. Swing that arm over your head so that your fingertips rest on your temple. Apply slight downward pressure with your fingertips to elevate your face upwards and backwards, then lean your head towards your shoulder, maintaining an open chest. Maintain this posing while exhaling slowly through your mouth. To go one step further, stretch your other arm out at a 45-degree angle and protrude your tongue downwards as you breathe out. Repeat the exercise on the other side. This movement leads to the relaxation of the frontalis muscle that causes forehead wrinkles.

The Neck Lift

Start by puckering your lips to one side as far as possible, resulting in a stretch in your cheek. Rotate your head to that side and elevate it to approximately a 45-degree angle, feeling the stretch in your neck. Maintain this pose for three seconds. Complete the exercise on both sides.

The Face Lift

Rest your palms on your temples and thrust your hands upward and backward, raising the sides of your face. Open your mouth to form an 'O' and lower your jaw to elongate your face as much as possible. Maintain this pose for five seconds and repeat twice. This practice can temporarily alleviate puffiness by promoting lymphatic circulation.

The Eye Lift

Similar to the Forehead Smoother pose; press your shoulders down while raising one arm straight up, let that arm drop over your head so your fingertips can touch your temple. Slightly exert pressure downwards with your fingertips to lift your face upward and backward, then let your head fall towards your shoulder while keeping your chest open. Maintain this pose as you slowly exhale through your mouth. To go an extra mile, stretch your other arm out at a 45-degree angle and stick your tongue out downwards upon exhaling. Repeat on the other side.

    For the Eye Lift, keep in mind that the position of your fingers during this exercise is paramount, you should check your form in the mirror. The ring finger should be at the outer corner of your eyebrow, with another on your temple.
    Retain that placement as you continue the pose.


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